Life Unlimited LLC  Linda Szetoo - Life Coach

My name is Linda Szetoo. I am a Professional Life Coach certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

Prior to becoming a life coach I worked in computer programming for 20 years. During that time what I always enjoyed most was working with people to solve problems. I recently retired from computer work to follow my passion for working with people by starting my own practice as a Life Coach.

The areas of special interest to me are mentor coaching, relationships, life transitions and health & wellness. I find that people often go through life on automatic pilot without clearly identifying what they really want in life. Some people are okay with this. Others may become dissatisfied with their circumstances and yearn for a new direction, but are unsure how to achieve it.

My job as a Life Coach is to show people these "blocks" lie within themselves and then help them overcome these self-imposed barriers so they can move forward towards their newly realized goals. 

Like most Life Coaches I primarily conduct coaching sessions with clients by telephone or video chat, so I have no geographical limitations or preferences. I can work with clients anywhere. 

Initial consultations of up to 30 minutes are available free of charge.